Sunday, 8 September 2013

Vinyl banners: Always creating visual impact in a cost effective way.

Vinyl banners deliver your message directly to the target market and are the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to communicate your business. Adding eye catching colors and engaging text to make these stands unique and exclusive, attracts more customers and increases your brand identity. An appealing banner stand will stop customers to stay back and read the complete marketing message.

A few great advantages of using vinyl banners, they are light-weight, reusable, transportable, they enhance visibility, communicate key selling points, build brand awareness, and highlight contact information and the promotional message. Vinyl banners create a large visual impact with its amazing sharp definition and vivid appeal. Choosing Vinyl banners creates visual impact and repeat advertising, if you place your banner in a high traffic area it will always be noticed by your potential customer. Making all these advantages an ideal way to advertise your business and spread your advertising message in a creative, cost effective way.

All Pull Up Banners Australia Vinyl banners are printed locally in Australia. Using high quality thick material 550g/m2 and delivery is normally 5 days from artwork approval. The banners are UV resistant, easy to install, waterproof. 3 year UV resistant with welded edges – Ropes & Eyelets 1m apart.

The below photo shows the Vinyl banners we can provide for your business.

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