Sunday, 29 September 2013

Magnetic Pop Up Wall Banners: Your Brand will not be missed!

The purpose of advertising is to grab your potential customers attention towards your product or service. Businesses spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising campaigns, however, there are other means of promoting your business, a cost effective way that does not have to be an expensive exercise and still have a deep impact on the customer. Display Banners are a must have advertising tool, they enable you to get instant customer attention and promote your business across a wider audience. Display banners are known to be used mainly at trade shows, exhibitions, indoor and outdoor events, product launches but also can be used in reception areas, shopping malls or even outside bars and restaurants.

Display banners must have an eye catching design with a simple message to ensure you create instant attention and an everlasting impression on your potential customer, the less the better. With their effective use they are a perfect solution to increase brand awareness and providing a good return on investment. Depending on your advertising budget and needs, there are a wide variety of banner displays available, pull up banners, bow and flag banners, teardrop, vinyl, spring up banners, pop up tents and pop up wall banners. Most banners available are one sided, although you may purchase a double sided banner which are more effective as they provide wider exposure making your brand visible from both sides. 

With the appropriate marketing message, design and choosing the appropriate banner for your event your brand will not be missed. If you want to make your brand standout amongst your competitors a popular must have banner is the Magnetic Curve Pop Up Wall banner. They come with a huge poster display and are easily visible from afar, easy to set up, mobile, light weight, can be used over and over again and most importantly they attract attention on people walking past and create interest to prospective customers towards your brand. When deciding what advertising tool to use on your next promotion be sure to keep these things in mind and your business will certainly win new customers.

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Pull Up Banners: Eye-catching, Effective and Inexpensive way to promote your business.

For a company to be successful it is essential that their business and its services are well advertised. Display banners are a popular and effective way to promote a business. In order to attract your potential target market, display banners are an inexpensive and portable advertising medium, with a creative, eye-catching design they are the perfect way to grab people's attention at exhibitions, trade shows, sales presentations, showroom, reception areas or sporting events.
A popular banner that is used for most events are the Pull up banners they are a simple and easy way to promote your business and get your advertising message across to your target audience. These banners are light in weight, roll up into a compact size which can be held with little effort and are easily transportable form one location to the next.
At trade shows or exhibitions, there are a large amount of competitors trying to promote their business selling very similar products, which is then quite hard to standout amongst the crowd and grab your potential clients attention to look at your business product or service. As a result, Pull up banners are the perfect advertising medium to standout above the rest of your competitors. Customizing your Pull Up banners with an appealing message and information about your business, choosing an eye-catching, effective design and style is vital in reaching your target market and advertising strategy. If you want to advertise and promote your business to your potential clients then it is time to invest in a pull up banner and have it in your advertising kit.

Pull up banners are available in a few different styles and sizes ranging from small to large signs with different styles in terms of the base and banner stand itself. The banners are custom made to suit any business style and are professionally designed by graphic designers to suit the look and feel of the company. Banners can be used for different types of events, there are 2 types of displays both indoor and outdoor banners designed for appropriate environment to ensure it can withstand different types of weather conditions.
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Pop Up Wall Banners: Take your exhibition or trade show to the next level and make a huge impression.

Pop up wall banners are a great way to attract the attention of your target audience and standout from your competitors. They are a big and tall banner, allowing you to get your message across to people walking past from a far distance, a great effective way to grab the attention of your target market and increase your business brand awareness. As tall and big as these banners are they are actually really easy to set up and transport to events.

Pop Up Wall Banners are inexpensive, versatile, and can be stored quite easy. They’re a fabulous method of advertising allowing your brand to incorporate eye-catching graphics and an engaging message for your target market to view.

The Premium Pop up Wall Display is made from quality materials, no magnetic bars or panels required and is lightweight in comparison to other banners, saving you time and money on shipping. An advantage in using one of these banners is they can fit into almost any booth space. Several sizes and configurations are available to choose from, including tabletop pop up displays, 20 foot pop up trade show displays, and everything in between.

There is little time needed to set up these stunning trade show displays, taking a matter of minutes to completely assemble, the frame simply pops open and locks into place. Magnetic channel bars are used to hold the graphic panels in place quite easily. 

The Pop Up wall displays are an effective advertising medium that will make a huge impression towards your potential target audience if used correctlyHaving a clear advertising message with an eye-catching design will increase your brand awareness and save you time and money.

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Is your Company attending a trade show, exhibition or outdoor event? Pull Up Banners are a must have in branding your business.

Pull up banners are the means of advertising as well a means that's getting noticed by many people. It is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business, a must have branding medium to reach your target audience. Advertising is a dynamic enterprise, as a result requires new and innovative ways to promote your business to ensure that your business standouts from your competitors you need to stay on top of effective, affordable marketing tools. Display banners are a great way to attract the eyes of individuals, by providing a clear message and engaging design, which is very crucial, it is the most effect way to increase your brand awareness at an event.


Pull up banners have grown in popularity and are known to be a must have branding medium for businesses to get there advertising message across to their target market and successfully captivating the interest of individuals at trade shows, exhibitions, indoor and outdoor events ect. One of the advantages of using a display banner is they are very easy to set up, light in weight and are a portable unit, allowing your advertising message to be easily placed from one location to another, enabling hundreds of people walking past to view your brand promotion. Pull up banners are efficient in saving space as they do not take up much floor space.

So next time you have a trade show, exhibition or outdoor event to attend to make sure you have one or more Pull Up Banner in your advertising kit to reach your target audience. 

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Custom Printed Pop Up Tents: An original Advertising medium

Pop Up Tents are typically used at trade shows or exhibitions. Straight pop up stands are completely suited for back wall displays in exhibition spaces. When used this way they are able to sit out of the way, giving maximum space on the floor to become utilised for conversing with potential customers. Furniture along with other display elements including banner displays also compliment this kind of display wall. These pop ups stands may also be best used when a display area has limitations and the exhibition space has to be used as economically as possible. Trade exhibitions displays or literature displays can be used inside the remaining space to generate and welcome visitors to your display.

Curved pop up walls tents are the most frequently used styles at most shows and trade exhibitions. These displays reap the benefits of better stability than straight displays because of the shape plus they are also considered a far more visually eye-catching and dynamic style of pop up wall stand. The curvature with the frame increases the exhibition area and it occupies a much more enclosed, self contained feel which can be favourable when speaking to customers, mainly because it provides a little more private atmosphere.

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Tear Drop Banners: An Innovative way to promote your business.

Looking for an innovative way to promote your brand and differentiate your business from competitors? Tear drop banners is the way to go, they are a unique and inexpensive way to increase brand awareness.

teardrop banners

The banners have a few advantages that will allow you to standout from your competitors. They have a unique tear drop shape creating attention towards your brand, they move around with the wind which draws the attention of passersby. They are double sided allowing your potential clients to view your brand from both ways, reaching a larger number of people. The banners are durable and come with a portable pole which is robust and sufficient enough to take care of strong winds. They are easy to set up, can be used for indoor or outdoor events and placed anywhere. 

Tear drop banners are available in different sizes to suit your needs.  The smallest size is 
195 x 80cm and the largest is 394 x 86cm. With many other sizes in-between.

There are so many reasons why you should choose a Tear drop banner for your next advertising promotion.   

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Pull Up Banners: The Perfect way to showcase your business

Pull Up Banners are a must have for trade shows, exhibitions, expos, sporting events, seminars and other presentations, they are the perfect way to showcase your business to your potential customers.

Choosing display stands to promote your business makes it an affordable way to advertise your brand,and with the right design it enables you stand out from your competitors. Having a professional designed banner is vital in attracting your target audience and is a great way to present your brand in less than a minute. 

Pull up banners are digitally printed, with a very high quality print and photographic colour imaging. They are light weight, don’t take up much space, can be used anywhere and are very easy to move from one location to another. The great advantage of using banners is they rarely get destroyed as they can be rolled down into the stand and safely stored until your next promotional event making it easy and convenient to use.

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