Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tear Drop Banners: An Innovative way to promote your business.

Looking for an innovative way to promote your brand and differentiate your business from competitors? Tear drop banners is the way to go, they are a unique and inexpensive way to increase brand awareness.

teardrop banners

The banners have a few advantages that will allow you to standout from your competitors. They have a unique tear drop shape creating attention towards your brand, they move around with the wind which draws the attention of passersby. They are double sided allowing your potential clients to view your brand from both ways, reaching a larger number of people. The banners are durable and come with a portable pole which is robust and sufficient enough to take care of strong winds. They are easy to set up, can be used for indoor or outdoor events and placed anywhere. 

Tear drop banners are available in different sizes to suit your needs.  The smallest size is 
195 x 80cm and the largest is 394 x 86cm. With many other sizes in-between.

There are so many reasons why you should choose a Tear drop banner for your next advertising promotion.   

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